Our exciting BEMER Vascular Therapy is here to completely revitalize your health and give your body a boost. This cutting-edge treatment uses a magnetic pulse that stimulates the natural healing properties of your body on the cellular level while promoting healthy circulation.
Walk into our facility with a sore shoulder or a stiff neck, and we won’t just treat your pain and symptoms. We focus on the CAUSE behind the pain and symptoms to get you back on track to whole body health. Our hands on and personal approach to health aims to bring balance to your body so that it can operate effectively. So how does this all work together?
Breaking a sweat is a proven way to release and push out any toxins that are within your body, but vigorous sports and exercise aren’t the only ways to work up a good sweat around here.
Have you ever heard the saying, "You are what you eat"? Around here at River City Chiropractic, we believe that's true! Food is medicine, and the types of food we put into our bodies directly affects how our bodies function.
I don’t like what I see in the mirror...I’ve gained 10-20-30lbs and I hate it...I want to be able to go on walks with my family without getting out of breath...I want to feel better about myself.
What does it mean to be healthy? Here’s a hint: it’s not just about looking good and feeling good. True health is your whole body effectively working as it was designed to do.